Arrangement of the collection

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Arrangement of the collection

The collection is arranged primarily by type of material, rather than by
subject classification, and comprises the following major collections:

First Floor

  • Teaching Collection - reading list titles, key development texts
  • Research Methods - methods and skills, including titles on reading lists
  • IDS Publications - all IDS published items
  • Fiction Collection - international fiction
  • Careers Collection - small collection of careers resources
  • Quick Reference - the latest statistical publications, factbooks and directories, on all major regions and subject areas.

Ground Floor

  • Serials - journals, magazines, research reports,
    working papers etc, from a range of producers including research
    centres, universities, NGOs and commercial publishers
  • Officials - a selection of post 1993 material from a
     number of international organizations, including World Bank, and
    publications from UK-DFID
  • Monographs - publications which do not fit
     into the other categories. This section includes many commercial publications, as well as material from NGOs and research


All basement collections are closed access; please follow instructions on the catalogue to request.

  • Basement GP (Government Publications) - material pprodued by official government agencies
  • Basement IO (International Organizations) - material produced by international organizations
  • Basement RF (Old Reference collection) -  older reference materials