Professor Sir Hans Singer 1910-2006

Professor Sir Hans Singer
  • 1936–PhD (Cantab.). Since received honorary doctorates and many awards.
  • 1936–47 various academic and civil service posts.
  • 1947–69 in the U.N. Secretariat.
  • 1969–2006 Professorial Fellow Institute of Development Studies, Emeritus Professor University of Sussex.

Richard Jolly writes "There can be few, if any, economists in the world today who can equal the achievements and contributions of Sir Hans Singer. To quote the words of Sir Alec Cairncross: "There are few of the developing countries that he has not visited and still fewer that he has not advised. He must have addressed a wider variety of academics and a wider variety of places about a wider variety of subjects than any other economist, living or dead."

Sir Hans Singer was Emeritus Professor of the University of Sussex and had been Professorial Fellow of the Institute of Development Studies since 1969. Prior to that he held a variety of posts in the United Nations, including as Director of the Economic Division of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and Director of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) and was closely involved in the Bretton Woods Agreement and the building of the post-war global financial institutional framework.

His many books, journal articles and reports, as director of various field missions, constitute a unique record of economic development, especially the divide between rich and poor countries, across most of the 20th Century. Of most unusual interest are the unpublished lectures and festschrift for his 85th birthday in 1995 (see publications list below). BLDS is extremely fortunate, and grateful to Sir Hans, for the generous donation of this unique documentation.

The Hans Singer Archive houses  this rich variety of material plus unpublished and manuscript material, arranged with the help of archivist Oliver Pierce and Sir Hans himself. The Archive database concentrates on the unpublished materials.

Some Later Publications:

  • Trade and Growth. BR New Delhi: 2002
  • The Economic North-South Divide. Elgar: 2001
  • International Development Co-oporation – Selected Essays on by Hans Singer on Aid and the U.N. System. Ed. John Shaw. Palgrave: 2001
  • Poverty, Employment and the Informal Sector (in Renewing Social and Economic Progress in Africa. Ed. Dharam Ghai. Macmillan: 2000
  • The Origins of the Bretton Woods System. Hosei: 1999
  • Development Economics and Policy – the Conference Volume to Celebrate the 85th Birthday of Professor Sir Hans Singer. Macmillan: 1998
  • The IMF, the World Bank and Commodity Prices (in World Development v.26 no.9: 1998)
  • A Global View of Food Security (in Food Security and Innovations) Lang: 1997
  • The Foreign Aid Business. Elgar: 1996

Sir Hans expressed his willingness to waive the copyright where it was held by him.