E-library access and passwords

A number of resources listed throughout the E-library are subscription based, available only to authorised users, and requiring IDS IP range, or passwords to access.

These  include E-journals, E-books, and some statistical or full text databases (listed under a 'subscribed' heading).

Other resources throughout the e-library are openly available to all users.

For resources requiring passwords:
  • Subscribed resources are available to IDS members only, as determined by our license agreements.
  • In most cases the login /password required will be your usual IDS credentials
  • Not all services will be exactly the same, but usually you will need to follow these steps:
  1. On the resource page click on the option to sign in via Shibboleth  or Sign in via your institution.
  2. Choose UK Higher Education  or UK access management federation.
  3. Choose from drop down list, or search for Institute of Development Studies.
  4. Type your IDS network username and password into the login screen.
  5. Note: the logging in may be slow the first time you use any resource.
  • This is the process if you are not using an IDS Networked PC. If you are, you can click on IP Recognition.
  • Eventually, all subscribed resources will use IDS credentials, but in the meantime there are a few where a different password is required. 
  • This should be indicated in the details about the resource on the e-library.
  • Please email blds@ids.ac.uk or enquire at the service counter if you are having difficulty with logging in to any BLDS subscribed resource.
  • To access University of Sussex electronic resources you need a University of Sussex network account, available to members of the University: go to University IT Services to get this.