Global Projects


Staff at the British Library for Development Studies undertake a range of projects to mobilise knowledge in the developing world. 

  • Until 2013 much of this work was funded by UK DfID as part of the Mobilising Knowledge for Development programme (MK4D).
  • From 2013 to 2016 BLDS is receiving funding from UK DfID  as part of the Global Open Knowledge Hub programme.
  • This  work falls into two main areas:

 Improving the profile and accessibility of Southern development research 

  • A number of projects have the extensive BLDS collection as core and seek to increase the visibility and accessibility of the collection for an international audience, focussing in particular on the Southern content.
  • Other projects aim to open up Southern published material which is not held at BLDS, focussing on open access and repository building
  • Further detail about this work can be found here

Information Capability and Literacy

  • This work recognises that access to information is only part of the picture, and that issues relating to demand for information are equally important.
  • BLDS has been working with partners on a number of projects around information literacy in a Southern context, including information sharing workshops, participatory courses and monitoring and evaluation initiatives.
  • Further detail about this work can be found here