Training Courses & Events

Pedagogy Trainer of Trainers Course - Zambia Sept 2011

Over the past two years, BLDS has worked with partners to build their capacity to deliver enquiry-based information capability programmes that emphasises problem based learning, behaviour change and reflective practices. As a result, BLDS has developed a range of course materials and video resources that are available through creative commons on this page:

How to improve search skills

This course was run in Zimbabwe with researchers and librarians from 11 universities based in Southern Africa, in partnership with INASP. The purpose of the course was to help participants in Southern Africa and similar environments share information about refining their search skills and up scaling their information literacy programmes to the institutional level.

Pedagogical Approaches to teaching and learning course

This course was aimed at information literacy trainers, and was piloted with participants from 7 African countries. This course focused on developing the learner-centred training skills of senior academics and librarians who, as designated ITOCA National Liaison Coordinators, ran information literacy courses using more traditional teaching methodologies.

Pedagogy for Trainers of Policy Makers

This course is designed to enhance the training skills of individuals who provide training, in how to access and use research information, to policy makers and influencers. The course aims to help participants develop a highly participatory, learner-centred training style. It covers aspects of learning theory (for example constructivism and behaviourism) as well as more practical aspects of organising training (for example, room layout and designing PowerPoint slides).

Training the Trainers Information Literacy Skills

Hosted in Nigeria, the emphasis of this course was to develop facilitation skills in training, and to focus on generic skills rather than the more specific product led searching skills.