Research support

General Research Support

  • A worldwide directory of academics in a "tree format".
  • AuthorAID Provides networking, mentoring, resources and training for researchers in developing countries.
  • Global Development Network (GDNet) Network of development researchers and institutes. The Online Services section offers access to Funding Information, Online Journals, Online Datasets and Toolkits.
  • RDI - Researcher Development Initiative Support and documentation for social sciences researchers.
  • ResearchGate Research sharing and networking platform. Provides access to metadata / full text of millions of articles (these can often be requested from the researcher if not downloadable) as well as the opportunity to share information with other researchers.
  • Vitae Portal to support professional development of UK researchers and to champion their needs. Includes support for postgraduates and advice on the process of doing research.
  • Field Research Method Lab  An online platform for researchers to share field research experiences

Research Funding