Information Literacy Projects

Training in progress


IDS’ British Library for Development Studies' information literacy programme works with information and knowledge intermediaries to improve research uptake. The programme works with intermediaries located in university libraries, research institutes, civil society organisations and governments to build their capacity to articulate the value of using current research to understand and define issues. By going beyond skills transfer the programme aims to incentivise researchers and policy-makers to develop ‘good’ behaviours to deliver a more significant impact on poverty reduction through formulating evidence-based policy and credible research.

The programme includes the co-development of a scalable, enquiry-based information literacy programme; a monitoring and evaluation toolkit to measure the impact of information capability interventions; and regional workshops to share best practice approaches to stimulating demand for research knowledge.

The three major components of the BLDS’ programme are:

The Information Capability programme is part of the DFID-funded Mobilising Knowledge for Development (MK4D) project.