Monitoring and evaluation

Part 1 of Evaluation Scoping Workshop in Centurion, South Africa
Part 2 of Evaluation Scoping Workshop in Centurion, South Africa

Measuring the impact of information literacy training in Africa

Monitoring and evaluation tools, approaches and techniques

The British Library for Development Studies (BLDS) has offered an information literacy programme since January 2010. The programme includes course materials, a learning platform for trainers and practitioners to share best practices in the field of information literacy called Chat Literacy.

As part of this programme BLDS has worked with 14 partners based predominantly in Southern Africa to develop a monitoring and evaluation toolkit, including practical examples, to inform the development and impact measurement of information literacy training.

Much of the work that BLDS has undertaken is within an African context, however it is anticipated that the toolkit will have wider application for practitioners working in IL in different contexts.The toolkit is widely available through creative commons at IL ToolKit. The toolkit provides practical tools and case studies to illustrate how M&E can be applied to IL training programmes and interventions.

For further information, please contact Siobhan Duvigneau at BLDS.

The Centurion workshop and information literacy in the African context

This toolkit is largely the product of a consultative workshop held in Centurion, South Africa, on 15-17 February 2012. The workshop was framed around a series of interactive sessions with input from participants from the ABC Project Kenya, Aga Khan University Kenya, University of Botswana, Ethiopian AIDS Resource Centre, the Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA) (South Africa), University of Johannesburg, Knowledge Leadership Associates, University of Malawi and Savana Signatures (Ghana).